We live in difficult times for all football fans, but today we will give you some guidelines for fottball betting during the coronavirus epidemic (or maybe not football betting tips). Some European Championships such as the Belgian and Dutch have already declared the end of the season, but we are sure that the most popular leagues will do everything possible to finish the season, whatever the price. The good news is that in countries like Spain and Germany, all major football clubs will start training in May and we can expect the season to be resumed in June and start giving you our football betting tips. The bad thing is that most probably all games until the end of the year will be played without any audience. But let’s talk again for our coronavirus betting suggestions.

football betting tips during coronavirus-games-havebets

A young gamer during quarantine.


Everyone have played FIFA, Counter-strike and World of Warcraft. Now it’s time to install them again and see what’s new. And of course to meet the professionals. Believe it or not, but some of the good players in the electronic sports field are better paid then some professinal footballers. In addition, some of Europe’s top teams such as Real Madrid and Liverpool have started organizing mini-tournaments between their players. If you need football betting tips for one of those matches – write us back ☺

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Black or red is your favourite?


Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Well, no need of that, because you can enjoy all kinds of slots, blackjack and roulette games from the comfort of your home. Have in mind that amost all football betting sites have an online casino section with a wide range of games. If you do not have a registration yet, you can try your luck with our partners from EFBET and 1XBET.

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The favourite poker cards for many players.


Last but not least, we will show you the most popular football gambling alternative – the online poker. The online poker rooms are becoming a huge business at the moment and the game is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Also do not forget that poker is not pure gambling – in addition to luck, the skills also play a crucial role. Don’t forget that our football betting tips are also very well analized process – they are not just a bunch of numbers. For many people, poker has become a professional business – what about you?

football betting tips during coronavirus-australia-havebets

They have coalas in Australia, not football.

In conclusion, we inform you that during the coronavirus crisis, we will continue to refrain from football betting. Of course, you would find that our competitors will give you football betting tips from some non-popular leagues. But we do not intend to act as football experts in Belarus, Nicaragua or Australia. We patiently wait for it to be over and enjoy European top-level football again. Stay safe!