Despite the coronavirus pandemic in March, the real focus of this football season is the implementation of the VAR system. England, Spain and Italy were first, followed by smaller championships such as Belgium, Portugal, Greece… Of course, all major European club tournaments are VAR equiped. At first sight almost all football fans were happy that a change has started, but their mind during the season was completely different.

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Is football betting more like a casino game now?


Many may wonder what lies behind the VAR abbreviation – actually it is a video assistance referee, or, in our language, a “video assistant.” Some people think that this is really just a system of cameras, which could be used by the referee if he has any doubts about his own judgment. In fact, there are not only dozens of cameras in the video room,but also a licensed football referee, who is in direct connection with the main one. The curious detail is that in most cases this room is not even in the stadium! Of course, the main goal of the system is to monitor only the most important situations in the match – goals, offsides, yellow and red cards. Of course, some other judgments such as corners also could lead to a goal – in this case several the corner situation have to be reviewed from its begining.

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Maybe next season there won’t be assistant referees on the stadium?


As mentioned in the beginning, many people were encouraged that the new system would lead to fair play and beautiful football. But in fact, there have been many complaints from coaches, players and fans that the game has changed in the wrong direction. Even clubs that have benefited from VAR judgments protest against the lack of any rules for its implementation. At the end, some clubs have calculated how many points they have lost, due to lack of VAR used in key situations of their matches. There have been many cases of refusal to review controversial situations in the penalty area – offsides, hand play, possible yellow cards. There were also the opposite situations – offsides of several millimeters, which are absolutely impossible to be captured by the human eye. All of this raises many questions about whether the use of video repeats should continue in this form or whether it should be thought of as a whole new concept that does not take away the enjoyment of the game.

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How to profit from VAR?


When making our predictions, we cannot be 100% sure whether VAR will affect the game in any way, but there are some statistics that we can use to our advantage. Logically, a derby match would result in more cards and fewer goals. We found also one interesting fact – some bookmakaers have introduced new betting opportunities related to VAR – whether a goal will be canceled, a penalty will be canceled, even how many times VAR will be used in the match. Yes, the football will never be the same, but it also gives us new opportunities to make money.


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