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Football betting tips can't be given out randomly, and we will explain the reasons why. The football betting tips you should follow are directly dependent on your strategy and your individual betting style. Are you a safe player or a risky one? A beginner or a hardcore punter? Are you searching for a small regular income or you're about to shoot for the big cash? Do you fancy uncertainty, or it rather gives you a ministroke? Is this the first list of football betting tips you're ever reading?
The answers to these questions will determine the meaningful football betting tips you're searching for. We will try to suggest some useful football betting tips for every essential kind of style and strategy out there. Keep reading to recognize or rediscover yourself somewhere along the lines of the vital football betting tips from Havebets.com.
Football Betting Tips 1

Football betting tips for Beginner

Basic football betting tips for beginners

In case you’re just stepping in the football betting tips jungle, you’ll most probably need to get familiar with the very basic unwritten laws and fundamental football betting tips. You better do not proceed until you:

  • Do meaningful research. Watching a game or two is just not enough. Use professionally made form tables and extended stats, scroll down some football betting tips, or simply purchase a package of football predictions from a trustworthy source. The bigger amounts of time invested in researching football betting tips, the bigger the profit.
  • Put reason before emotion. The biggest mistake out there is constantly betting on your own side, even against all logical odds and adequate football betting tips. Supporting your team is a noble thing to do over a beer with fellow fans. But when you put your money in it, you better follow the first among all football betting tips – keep your head cool.
  • Mind the odds. Considering the fact that you’re currently reading a list of football betting tips, you probably know what the odds mean. Yet remember – they are not just randomly picked numbers but a result of extensive analysis. Implement them in your strategy in the smartest way possible.
Football Betting Tips 2

Football betting tips for professionals

Additional football betting tips for pros

If you consider yourself to be a hardcore betting junkie, there are hardly some football betting tips which will reinvent your strategy. Yet keep in mind the following football betting tips: football betting tips for devotees:

  • Keep track of the current special offers. Betting is betting. You’ve probably read tons of football betting tips by now, and you already know how to do it. Anyway, price boosts, exclusive offers, and extra bonuses are a constantly changing world of possibilities. Always check the price boost section.
  • Use football betting tips to place multiples and accumulator bets smartly. Study the odds carefully, be persistent and farsighted. Compare your strategy with our professional football betting tips and predictions. Do your research on a daily basis. Accumulator bets can earn a significant profit when you’re able to think in perspective.
  • Use football betting tips and analysis to improve yourself further. Betting is always a bit about luck. But it is also very much about knowing how to play the game, about effort and improvement. Dig deeper. Carefully check out the newest football betting tips. Read, analyze, watch, and perceive. Don’t let your passion become a dull routine.
Football Betting Tips 3

Football betting tips – Calculate the risk

Football betting tips for safe bets

Not only beginners prefer to play it safe. If you’d rather not risk much and enjoy the game instead of fainting by the end of it, this bunch of football betting tips is just right for you:

  • Start with single bets. Acca bets, systems, and special bets have a lower ROI (return of investment rate) than the good old single bets.
  • Rely on home wins. Around 50% of the games end in home wins. One of our wisest football betting tips is never to underestimate that fact.
  • Avoid big odds. Use the professional football betting tips, predictions and estimated odds wisely. Keep it safe by counting on odds no bigger than 1.20.
Football Betting Tips 4

Football betting tips from HaveBets

Football betting tips for small regular profit

If we need to sum up all the football betting tips in one sentence, it would be: with big risk comes bigger profit or bigger disappointment. Here are our football betting tips for the brave ones:

  • Use the additional betting options. Every betting website which offers football betting tips and predictions also provides a range of fun and diverse ways to challenge your skills. “Asian handicap,” “Both teams to score” and “Draw no bet” are just some of the options which com offers.
  • Place various acca bets, multiples and systems. No football betting tips are safe enough when it comes to complicated betting systems. Charming, isn’t it?
  • Avoid backing a draw when you play multiples. This may be a bit of a thrill-killer, but one of our football betting tips for the adventurous soul is: don’t get carried away by the appealing price of draws in acca bets and multiples.

Football betting tips for earning money

Football Betting Tips 5

Football betting tips for earning money

Football betting tips for the thrill-seekers

If you’d fancy a small but steady profit, your betting style should be as safe as possible. So every one of the football betting tips for safe bets applies for you also. In addition, we remind you that our packages of ultra-safe bets have odds around 1.05 and a win rate close to 100%. So using a package of professional football betting tips and predictions from Havebets.com comes as a piece of natural advice for you.

Football betting tips for earning the big cash

Thrill-seekers and big money go hand in hand, so you should inevitably follow the football betting tips for thrill-seekers written above. Some additional football betting tips for the brave punters also include:

  • Add alternative options such as who and when will score the first goal, will there be penalties, red cards, etc.
  • Never bet more than 10% of your bank when playing insecure. Risky betting can make you rich, but it can also bust you pretty hard.


The concept is pretty simple in that it’s essentially giving one team a head start over the opposing team. This handicap is then either added or subtracted to the full time result to get the handicapped result.

It differs from a standard handicap bet in that it takes the draw pout of the equation by offering goals in fractions. A typical bet might be Chelsea -1.5 goals at odds of 2.00. This means that -1.5 goals will be removed from the actual Chelsea score line at full time to create the handicapped result.

The reason they make it a fraction of the whole number is to eliminate the draw. A standard handicap will work in whole numbers, so that same bet might look like Chelsea -2 goals at odds of 2.00. If Chelsea then go on to win that game 2-0 then the theoretical score line would then be 0-0 after the handicap has been subtracted. Some bookmakers will see this as a losing bet and others will void or push.

As an example: you back Arsenal handicapped at -1.5 on the Asian Handicap. This would read; Arsenal -1.5. This would essentially mean that you are backing Arsenal to win the game by 2 or more goals. Any other result would mean that you lose the bet. Arsenal actually win the game 3-1 meaning that after their handicap of -1.5 has been removed, the final result for the purpose of this bet would be Arsenal 1.5 v 1 Tottenham, giving them half a goal win.

If Arsenal only won this game 2-1, then you would lose your bet. The initial 2-1 score line would then be edited to Arsenal 0.5 v 1 Tottenham. So, even though they won the game outright, the handicap would alter this result.

The spilt handicap makes life a little trickier and does actually add in whole goals, rather than fractional ones. A typical bet might look like Newcastle United (-1, -1.5) giving two options. What happens for these types of bets is that your stake will be split between the two. So if you staked a bet on Newcastle with a split Asian Handicap of -1,-1.5 then half your stake would be on the ‘-1 goal’ and the other would be on the ‘-1.5 goal’. It’s worth noting that if the game after being altered by the handicap ends as a draw, then the stake will be pushed and returned to the bettor.


Games to choose

After getting the technical stuff out the way, let’s take a look at which games to target for these markets. I generally like to target the big favourites when betting with the Asian Handicap, and this is for two reasons.

The first is that the odds for the heavy favourite to win are likely going to be poor and so I’m less likely to include them on my acca. Adding a team priced at 1.30 is not going to make a huge impact on the overall price of the acca and I see it as a being a bigger negative than anything, in that if it wins, it won’t add a much too your overall acca.

The second is because the bigger teams that are playing the lesser teams are much more likely to win and win comfortably. Remember, with the Asian handicap you often need a side to win well and scraping over the line may not be good enough.

A -1.5 deficit essentially means that you need to win by two or more goals, so picking games that you think are going to be tight or two well matched teams isn’t going to pay off for these types of bets.


I just wanted to add a final point for those of you looking to create acca’s with Asian handicap bets and are looking to cash out.

The Asian Handicap odds work differently than most odds in that they rounded to three decimal places. This means that they change a lot when betting play and even a 1/1000th change will mean that it becomes very difficult to tie down the price.

This is only really for later in the games, where the odds fluctuate more than say half way or even a third into it. It also only applies to those looking to cash out, due to the few second delay that most bookmakers include after clicking the cash out button.

This is one of the most exciting acca bets you can place and has you hanging on the edge of your seat. All you need is goals, goals, goals.. all you need is goals!

One thing that has always intrigued me in the gambling industry is what’s going to be the next fad. Bookmakers are always working hard to make betting fresh, often in an attempt to attract a new audience to the industry.

The latest attraction is that of the Both Teams To Score (BTTS) market. It’s a simple concept, where you basically just bet on game where you think both teams will pick up at least one goal each. The outcome of the match is actually irrelevant and for this to be successful, we just need goals. Each team can score at any point in the match. It has to be within 90 minutes and injury time though so be aware that extra time doesn’t count. This would only apply to tournament and play off matches, standard league games are always 90 minutes and injury time.

It’s easy to simply put down ‘research’ as one of my tips for how to make a winning BTTS acca. Research is obvious for all bets, but it’s important to really target your research for BTTS betting.

For example, if I were looking to find 4 or 5 teams who I need to win for my standard accumulator bet then I would be looking at things such as home form, away form, goals for, goals against, player form, head to head records and more. Whilst this is all well and good for picking a winner, with BTTS I don’t care who wins the game, I just need to find out two teams that will offer me goals.

There are five attributes that I am looking for in a match to count towards my BTTS acca.

  • Good going forward – This is glaringly obvious, but I always try to find at least one of my two teams who are good going forward. I’m looking for them to be averaging over 1 goal a game (at least) and for them to be regularly hitting the back of the net both home AND away.
  • Leaky defence –The ideal combination is that of a team who are going good going forward, but weak at the back. Teams who work under the philosophy of going out to score one more than their opponents and not worry too much on defence should be your picks.


  • Pick fairly equally matched teams –By this I mean teams that aren’t a million miles apart in the league or have similar stats over the course of the season. For example, the chances of someone like Burnley going to some one like Chelsea and nicking a goal are slim. Whereas, two mid-table teams like Newcastle and Swansea, who can be as bad as they can be brilliant from one game to the next, will be a much more appealing pick for me.


  • Don’t always go for the big boys –I’m going to keep on using Chelsea for this example, but what I mean by this is that I tend to avoid the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Man United etc., mainly because they don’t actually concede that many goals. They may seem obvious picks for win accas, but as I mentioned, your games need to be much more targeted for BTTS bets and require you to think a little more out the box.


  • Check starting strikers – Make sure you know who’s starting up front before the game kicks off. If a teams star striker is missing then the likelihood they are going to score will reduce. You could flip this somewhat and target teams who have top defenders missing as well.


OK, so I realise that I’m not going to make earthquakes in the industry with my 5 picks above, but they are 5 fundamentals that I stick to for all of my BTTS accumulator bets and have served me well.

“Draw No Bet” is a betting market offered by many online bookmakers. In this market, the draw result returns the full stake back to the players. In general, a safer bet for punters.

Let’s look at an example to understand this betting market better.

Let’s say that Chelsea plays against Liverpool. You think that Chelsea may win the game. At the same time, you feel that this will be a difficult task. So, a draw is possible. You can bet on Liverpool for a “Draw No Bet” (1 DNB).

  • If Chelsea wins the game, your bet is a winning one.
  • If the game result is a draw, you’re getting back the money you’ve placed for this bet.
  • In case that Liverpool won the match, you lose your bet.

The odds offer on “Draw No Bet” markets are lower, but this is reasonable. Odds calculated to hold profit from the money you bet on X for cover. In a match with odds 2.40 – 4.00 – 2.40, “Draw No Bet” odds would be like 1.80 – Stake returned – 1.80.

When to use DNB?

  1. When you want to stake on an outsider. In this way, the value is still there.
  2. Where you think the draw is quite possible. In this way, you will reduce the risk of losing.
  3. If you believe to a big favorite and the favorite is losing in-play.

O 1.5 / O 2.5 – Over 1.5 Goals / Over 2.5 Goals
BTTS – Both teams to score
Clean Sheet
Win Either Half
Score in Both halves
FH 0.5 – Over 0.5 goals in the first half
SH 0.5 – Over 0.5 goals in the second half
DNB – Draw not bet
O8.5 / O10.5 Corners – Over 8.5 / 10.5 Corners
O2.5 / 4.5 Cards – Over 2.5 / 4.5 Cards